Created By Mouse



Do you have a piece of your own dress leftover?  

I can embroidery your names and wedding date onto a piece and then have it sewn to the inside of your dress.

What do you do with your wedding dress?  I created a memory bag!  I keep all my special items in a unique bag made from my dress! The skirt is the bag with embellishments such as beading, heart shaped window made from my shawl, trim from my viel, bow from the string from the corset, trim from the bodice. I also embroidered our names, initial, and wedding date on the bag. 

Custom ring bearer pillows, a special piece of your dress can be added to your daughters dress, a small quilt, all sorts of  memory keepsakes can be created to pass down to the next generation. All items can be embroidered with initials and dates.

​All keepsakes are unique, because no wedding dress is the same, and each is customized to your special day and memory!

Made from a natural reed, Sinamay has been a "fabric" to make all styles of hats and fascinators.

These 'Cali Lillie's are created into bouquets, boutonnieres, for the bride and bridal party.