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Supporting Our Girls

Breast Cancer


Two of the Toronto Argonaut cheerleaders in front of the 20 block quilt on October 14, 2012,

(Skydome, now Rogers Center) against

Montreal Alouettes.

Right Photo:  On the Jumbo Tron

Photos By Created By Mouse

I created this 20 block Bra Quilt for Breast Cancer Support Services.  Three years in the making, and purchased fabrics and embellishments from different places around the World, include U.A.E. and Austria.  Four of the  blocks are dedicated to three women and a gentleman who have been effected by this horrible disease.  The story begins with a Better Homes and Garden's Pink and Quilting issue, where Anita was inspired by a particular quilt in the magazine. I later created a booklet which describes each bra on the quilt!

It has travelled to South Bend, Indiana, displayed on the Jumbo Tron at the Rogers Center at a Toronto Argonaut Pink Awareness game,

and private functions. 

Each unique bra is hand and machine made. My Mother (who passed in 2016 of Breast Cancer) knitted one of the bras called "Snowflake", which has been dedicated to a third generation Breast Cancer Survivor. The inspiration was her red sweat shirt with snowflakes on it.

Most of the bras have a story behind them, some are unique in the way they were made, and others have lovely fabrics. 

ALL are dedicated to every woman and man who have survived, and who have passed.

It is very important that a man's and woman's journey is met with kindness in EVERY aspect, until the cure in found.

You can contact me if you wish to have the quilt on display at your Breast Cancer support services event.

This quilt is not for sale.

Click on the YOU TUBE link to see the entire quilt!